Upcoming events:


January 30, 2016: Composer and Featured Performer, "Perceptions of Sound: A Multi-Sensory Concert Experience," Cascadia Composers, Eugene, OR


February 16, 2016: Lecture/Recital/Masterclass, featuring guest trumpeter Brian McWhorter, and Brice Tennant, Stefan Schwarzkopf, Gabriel Neves Coelho, New Mexico Technical Institute, Soccoro, NM.


February 19-20, 2016: Artistic Director, "Piano Perspectives @ AMOCA," with guests trumpeter Brian McWhorter, philospher Brice Tennant, architect Stefan Schwarzkopf, and pianist Gabriel Neves Coelho, Anderson Museum of Contemporary Art, Roswell, NM.


February 24, 2016: Featured Performer, "George Crumb's Makrokosmos," Music at Midweek, University of Portland, Portland, OR


June 23, 2016: Featured Performer, "Makrokosmos 2" Festival, www.makrokosmosproject.org, Artistic Directors Duo Stephanie and Saar, Blue Sky Gallery, Portland, OR


August 26, 2016: Recital, Universidade de Caxias do Sul, Brazil


August 27/28, 2016: Masterclass and Recital, Casa da Música, Porto Alegre, Brazil


August 30, 2016: Recital, World Premiere of "Intersections" for Piano 4 Hands (2016) with Gabriel Neves Coelho, Instituto de Artes, Porto Alegre, Brazil


November 17, 2016: Recital, "Makrokosmos 2" Festival, Portland Piano Company, Portland, OR


March 26-29, 2017: Guest Artist, John Donald Robb Composers Symposium, University of New Mexico, Albuquerque, NM


April 7, 2017: Adjudicator, OMTA Composition Festival, Eugene, OR


May 20, 2017: Guest Artist, Cascadia Composers NACUSA, Portland, OR


June 4, 2017: Recital, Diana Wortham Theater, Asheville, NC


June 29, 2017: Reichmokosmos, "Makrokosmos 3" Festival, www.makrokosmosproject.org, Portland, OR


July 14, 2017: World Premiere of "PSi for Piano and Six Instruments" with Sound of Late, OMTA 2017 Composer of the Year Commission, Lincoln City, OR


July 18-28, 2017: Guest Artist, Klavierfestival Lindlar, Germany


October 28, 2017: Adjudicator, OMTA Sonata and Sonatina Festival, Eugene, OR


November 8, 2017: ClimateKeys Oregon, www.climatekeys.com, Eugene, OR


November 9, 2017: Makrokosmos Project: Reich Six Pianos, Portland Piano Company, Portland, OR


November 13, 2017: Recital and Masterclass, New Mexico Technical Institute, Socorro, NM


November 17, 2017: Lecture for Advanced Composition Seminar, University of New Mexico, Albuquerque, NM


December 4, 2017: Lecture on Schwarzkopf Compositions, Cascadia Composers NACUSA, Portland State University, Portland, OR


April 22, 2018: Recital, Pianoforte Series, Asheville, NC



Current projects:


2017 OMTA Composer of the Year, World Premiere of concerto "PSi for Piano and Six Instruments"


ClimateKeys Oregon, World Premiere of "Liquid Piano", with geologist Gregory Retallack


Artist Workshops: "Understanding Complex Concepts in Music Through Abstract Artwork"


Student Workshops: "Figuraten: Ones Who Make Figures"


Research and writing:


“A Structural Analysis for Performers:

Falko Steinbach’s ‘Figures: 17 Choreographic Etudes for Piano’ (2006)”


"Music Perception: Translating Visual Contours of Melodic Lines into Physical Movements in Piano Technique"



WCQS – Asheville Interview and Performance



Internationales-Klavierfestival 2012 - Press


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Alexander J. Schwarzkopf is from Colorado Springs, Colorado. Alexander was raised in a family of artists; his father is an architect and prolific string player from Stuttgart, Germany, and his mother was an actress and professional puppeteer. Alexander first performed in public at age 8 and became a scholarship student in piano at Colorado College at age 12. In 2003, Alexander was a finalist at the Val Tidone “Silvio Bengalli International” Piano Competition in Pianello, Italy. He has performed in the United States, Germany, Italy and the former Yugoslavia. Alexander has been a featured artist for the College Music Society and MTNA Conventions, “Mad Hatter’s New Music Series” in Boston, The Festival for Moving Arts in San Francisco, Oregon Chapter of the American Liszt Society, “Soundbytes” New Music Series and the Oregon Bach Festival Composer’s Symposium in Eugene, Oregon, as well as at the Internationales-Klavierfestival 2010 and 2012 in Lindlar, Germany and the DTKV Festival at the Landesmusikakademie in Heek- Nienborg and Münster, Germany.


Alexander’s doctoral research resulted in publication of “A Structural Analysis for Performers: Falko Steinbach’s ‘Figures: 17 Choreographic Etudes for Piano’ (2006)” and has led to numerous performances and discussions of Steinbach’s work. Alexander was featured on two performance series in Germany in 2012: Internationales-Klavierfestival in Lindlar, where he performed the complete cycle of “Figures: 17 Choreographic Etudes for Piano” (2006) by Falko Steinbach and Schumann’s Fantasiesteucke, and in Dürscheid where he presented a program featuring works by Chopin, Schumann and Steinbach. Alexander also gave workshops during the Internationales-Klavierfestival, and has presented a lecture/demonstration and performance of selections from “Figures: 17 Choreographic Etudes for Piano” (2006) for the Oregon Music Teacher’s Association. In 2011, Alexander recorded an interview and selections of etudes by Steinbach and Chopin for a broadcast on the local NPR station WCQS-Asheville.


Alexander’s repertoire ranges from Baroque to Contemporary and includes many of his own compositions that he has premiered in the United States and in Germany. An advocate of new music, Alexander has commissioned a work from Boston-area pianist and composer John McDonald. Alexander has worked with such artists as David Burge, Claude Frank, Awadagin Pratt, Kurt Schwaen and Falko Steinbach.


Alexander holds the degree Doctor of Musical Arts in Piano Performance from the University of Oregon. Alexander studied with David Riley and Dean Kramer. Currently, in addition to his performance and composing activities, Alexander teaches private piano lessons and facilitates music exploration with children at the University of Oregon Spencer View Coop Family Center. Alexander is a member of the Oregon Chapter of the American Liszt Society, the Oregon Music Teacher’s Association, and the Music Teacher’s National Association. Alexander is a past recipient of University of Oregon Graduate Teaching Fellowships in Piano Pedagogy and Collaborative Piano. Alexander J. Schwarzkopf lives in Eugene, Oregon, with his wife Becky, two daughters Madelyn and Ellie, and the cat named Maya.



Information about piano lessons with Alexander.